It’s an Italian herbal liqueur. The taste is full and round, a pleasing balance between bitter and sweet. The amount of sugar needed to balance the bitterness gives a viscous mouth feel common to amari.It’s difficult to extract single flavor compounds giving what’s going on, but lavender,rose and juniper come to mind. At 29 percent alcohol by volume, there’s no burn to speak of. It’s smooth and interesting,something different perfect neat or over ice.  

Method of Production:

All ingredients are finely sourced from all over the world.We leave our ingredients to rest on with water and alcohol for several days, before adding a small quantity of sugar. Then proceeding with filtration using an mk4 filter with filter paper. This is an old fashioned processes and 100% natural with no chemicals used! The amaro is left to maturate in an oak barrel previously used to store an IPA beer which gives the beautiful aroma.  Last step we proceed by bottling and hand labelling the amaro. The wax used for sealing the bottles is made with bee wax.



According to Greek legend, Parthenope was the daughter of the god Achelous and the Muse Terpsichore She cast herself into the sea and drowned when her songs failed to entice Odysseus.Her body washed  ashore at Naples,on the island of Megaride, where the Castel dell'Ovo is now located. When people from the city of Cumae settled there, they named their city Parthenope in her honor.

Roman myth tells a different version of the tale, in which a centaur called Vesuvius was enamoured with Parthenope. In jealousy,Zeus turned the centaur into a volcano and Parthenope into the city of Naples.Thwarted in his desire, Vesuvius's anger is manifested in the mountain's frequent eruptions.