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Vesuvius Legend

Once upon a time, a centaur named Vesuvius met
a young mermaid named Parthenope. 
Eros, the god of love, saw an opportunity and
threw his dart making the two fall madly in love
with each other.
Vesuvius and Parthenope love was euphoric
and they fell more and more in love with each
other as days went by. Zeus, the powerful god,
became  jealous as he was also in love with
Parthenope. His jealousy drove him to separate
the two. Zeus turned Vesuvius into a volcano that
sat at the edge of the Gulf. This way Parthenope
could still always see him. This broke
Parthenope heart, she couldn't live without
Vesuvius. Parthenope was love sick and
eventually took her own life. She washed up to

the island of Megaride and her body took the
shape the beautiful city of Naples. To this day,
Vesuvius watches over his beloved Parthenope,
the city of Naples.


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