Artisan, small-batch and handcrafted, our cold brew coffee liqueur is made on Edinburgh, with a combination of neutral grain spirit, stout, herbs and botanicals used as a base.

After distillation we blend in cold brew coffee and let it rest in a wooden barrel for 10 days.

Black soul is made with 100% pure Arabica coffee provided by our best neighbour SANTU COFFEE.

The coffee grounds are steeped in water for 24 hours to produce a concentrated coffee essence.

Brewing cold results in the extraction of a range of flavour compounds, distinct from those associated with hot brews. 

Cold brew coffee is mellow, and sweeter than a conventional hot brew coffee, with a lower acidity. It's also a greener option, as it doesn't require heat or electricity. 

X1 Black Soul cold brew coffee liqueur

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Black soul cold brew liqueur & FREE X2 coca-cola signature mixers


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