EVERYONE LOVES NEGRONI. Three special ingredients that just taste SO good: Campari, gin and vermouth. Doesn't it just sound dreamy? Don't worry about mixing it all up yourself, our selection 100ml (2 serves or 1 large) of pre-made infused negronis make life MUCH easier.
Open, pour over ice ENJOY
COFFEE ORANGE: Infused with coffee beans 100% arabica and orange peel Selkie gin, vermouth rosso and a dash of our own BLACK SOUL cold brew coffee.
MANGO GRAPEFRUIT: Infused with organic dried mango and grapefruit zest, Selkie gin and vermouth rosso. 
STRAWBERRY BERGAMOT: Infused with Scottish dried strawberry and Italian bergamot, Selkie gold pink and vermouth rose.
LEMON ROSEMARY: Infused with lemon zest from Amalfi coast and rosemary, Vesuvius elder, vermouth bianco and campari.
RHUBARB STRAWBERRY: infused with rhubarb and strawberry, Selkie gold pink gin, Op vermouth and campari
Made with Exotic old tom gin, OP vermouth and campari infused with roasted coconut, pineapple and mango

Infused NEGRONI collection 100ml


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